This project is maintained by Pablo Cingolani


P.L.Leaonard Debugging 'NaN' defuzzifier conditions and plot improvements.
Inverted pendulum demo.
Shashank Wankhede Debugging 'NaN' defuzzifier conditions.
Markus Fischer and Yuanhao Li Membership functions "Cosine" and "Dsigm".
Arkadiuz M. Debugging and IEC compliance (ACCU statement).
Carmelo (cswi) Graphic enhancements.
Helano Póvoas de Lima DefuzzifierContinuous graphic bug.
Nikola Nikolovski RuleBlock name bug.
Ivan De Falco "AND Bounded Diff" bug.

If you are using jFuzzyLogic in academic environments, please cite our papers

jFuzzyLogic is Open Source.

jFuzzyLogic is open source. It is released mainly as "LGPLv3".
Many companies base their products on jFuzzyLogic, so I also license it as "Apache" which is friendlier for business.

Please report bugs using GitHub Issues or send an email to Pablo Cingolani (

Note: A bug report should include at least

  • An explanation of the bug condition
  • A minimal bug-demonstrating test case (i.e. include FCL and/or Java source file used to run the test case)
  • The conditions for the bug to occur
  • jFuzzyLogic version and sub-version numbers you are using

Important: Please do not contact me to do your homework, assignment, thesis or your work. I know this sounds obvious, but I get a lot of emails from people asking me to do/help with their assignments and unfortunately I don't have enough time to help everyone.